Construction Management

Casella Construction is a premier commercial builder and manager of large-scale projects.

When a general contractor is just not the right fit for your next project, Casella Construction might be. Over the years we’ve established a reputation for going above and beyond expectations to ensure wide-ranging projects run smoothly and obtain optimum results without unnecessary cost overruns or delays.

The team quickly mobilizes to connect with the client and help them obtain optimum results, on any type of construction project.

By maintaining constant supervision, Casella Construction has demonstrated it can reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and produce the highest quality of workmanship.

At the outset, the Casella team establishes a productive working relationship with all parties involved, including the client, architect, engineer, and designer or decorator. Preparation is key to any major project, and that’s why Casella reviews preliminary building plans, including material availability (and possible alternatives), system costs, and anticipated problems, early in the process. By listening to the clients’ needs and taking the time to understand the common goal, we can manage all expectations. 

Additionally, the company will:

Establish viable project procedures relating to the administration and construction of the project.

Plan the project using cost-effective strategies, including pre-ordering of materials and developing viable alternatives to avoid delays.

Prepare a preliminary costs, budget, and time schedule.

Prepare and submit a list of proposed subcontractors for approval.

Schedule review meetings with all bidders.

Evaluate all information received from suppliers and subcontractors.

Establish requisitioning and payment procedures, for all parties.

Evaluate and advise client of any changes in the scope of the work.

Upon completion: assemble all permits, inspection approvals, manuals, drawings, warranties, etc.

Managing construction projects requires patience, experience, and an ability to communicate effectively. Casella Construction has delivered time and time again, for hundreds of clients. For more information on how we can help you with your next project, contact us today.