Building Consulting

Natural disasters come in many forms. Whether hurricanes, floods or fires, these traumatizing events can undo years of work on a commercial or residential property within seconds.

Working directly with a building consultant that is specially trained to handle these exact situations can make the recovery period that much easier.

We are a trusted ally you can depend on for expert advice. Over the years, Casella Construction has provided detailed property damage reports for adjusters, property owners, agents, building managers, and attorneys.

Casella Construction has been in the business of quantifying damaged buildings for four decades.

Our detailed appraisals have helped property owners seek a fair and equitable settlement for property damage caused by fire or any other natural disaster.

Our consultants are trained to conduct a full on-site inspection and provide recommendations for the next steps, if necessary. They’ll run through a full and professional assessment of damages, and advise relevant parties of their findings.

When the time comes to select a building consultant make sure you have the professionals at Casella on your side.

The consultation also includes an estimate of the time to repair and a review of all building code requirements and regulations. For all dispute resolutions, we provide expert testimony on the policyholder’s behalf.

Our building consultants operate in the tri-state area, including on Long Island, and nationally. In recent years, Casella Construction has advised policyholders in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and elsewhere.

To learn more about Casella Construction’s building consulting division, contact us today.